UCC Projects Group

Mission: The mission of UTS-Projects Group is to provide resources to implement departmental workstation projects, support UCC student computing labs, maintain secure & standardized desktop procedures, and research emerging technologies for the UNO community. 

Goal: The goal of UTS-Projects Group is to form a partnership to appropriately support the increasing workstation computing needs of the UNO community. We will assist a departmental administrator utilize computer systems to accomplish their assignment.

Contact Us

Projects Group main office Computer Center Room 112
E-mail: ServiceCenter@uno.edu

Phone: 504-280-1059


Desktop Support Manager: Nick Cutrera
E-mail: NCutrera@uno.edu

Phone: 504-280-6080
Location: Computer Center Room 112


Senior Projects Consultant: Jesse McCorkle
E-mail: Jesse.McCorkle@uno.edu

Phone: 504-280-7300

Location: Computer Center Room 101-O


Projects Consultant: Cheryl A. Lewis
E-mail: CALewis@uno.edu

Phone: 504-280-7232

Location: Computer Center Room 123

Group E-mail:ProjectsGroup@uno.edu


  • Weekdays: 7:30a - 4:30p
  • Weekends: Closed