A/V Distribution Policy

Equipment is available at no charge to instructors and students who require items to facilitate classes at the University of New Orleans and to administrators and staff who use the equipment on-campus for University business. Equipment can be rented for other on-campus uses. Off-campus use of Media Resources electronic equipment is strictly prohibited. An outside agency should be used to fill these needs.

Please use the Audio/Visual Request Form to make requests for electronic equipment. Make your request as far in advance as possible to ensure greatest availability. You will receive an email confirmation of your request that we suggest you print and retain for future reference. You will receive an email, or phone call, if your request cannot be honored. Any questions concerning your requests should be directed to madler@uno.edu, or by calling 280-6285. You may use these same contacts to return any items early, overdue, or that are no longer necessary.

Equipment security is a major issue. A secure location for delivery would be considered as “a locked storage facility with access for our delivery and pickup staff upon demand during normal business hours ”. Another secure location would be “a department office where reasonable monitoring of our equipment can be assured by that office staff”. Delivery only occurs by pre-arrangement, which must be done by 2pm at least (2) business days in advance.

You are responsible for all items that you borrow. We ask that you treat our property carefully and that you return items in a timely fashion. Please report any damage that occurs during the use of our equipment so we can promptly fix that item before loaning it again. Individual and departmental borrowing privileges could be suspended if these guidelines are not met. Individuals, or departments, can be asked for reimbursement of replacement costs for lost, stolen, or abused equipment.


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For more information, contact Media Resources at (504) 280-6285.